Biography and Hot photo of Indian Actress Nadeesha Hemamali

Nadeesha Hemamali

Nadeesha Hemamali Nadeesha mononymously known as winning actress is a natural talent and award. She was born on 10 August AMNanddisena a contractor building construction profession, and K.Rose Delani Gunawardena , who is a housewife .

Nadeesha grew up with his two younger sisters and a younger brother Harshani Hemamali AM, AM Nishadi Hemamali and Thrishaal Shyamanga.

She was first elected to make her debut in 2002 in "Dhamini", a drama directed by Mohan Niyaz . Nadeesha made ​​her debut in 2003 in the drama breaking ground "Katu Kurullo" directed by Gihan Rohana.

Nadeesha entered the big screen with "Tharukka Evil" in 2007, where she was elected to the role of "Madavi" under the direction of Milton Jayawardena.

She took her first step into Tollywood (Telugu film) when she was cast as Madhumathi in "Mr. Rascal" directed by RV Udyakumar.

Nadeesha has appeared in all corners of the industry, plays, films and commercials. She is a current topic of conversation from the masses, and her unique style is appreciated by her fans. Nadeesha is said to be one of the best actresses in Sinhala cinema industry has ever seen.

Currently realizes a portfolio of over 35 television drama, 4 movies and 30 television commercials. With the new line of films, plays and a variety of roles with new and established directors that she is ready to rock.

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