The actor takes Mirza Bangladeshi learn dance since the age of four. She lives in Bangherhat. Due to the age of the child actor Toma Mirza Bd learn Manipuri dance and classical dance. She learned dance abroad also. Her father is a service man. When they are back home Dhaka. After arriving in Dhaka received an offer from the action film. Her first film Bolona Tumi Amar. Her first action film is a successful business. Now Takes Mirza has a lot of films in hand. Chotto sansar, Manik Raton, Gulbahar sundori etc. She gave HSC exam this year . 

Take Mirza wants to run and play action. She loves good stories movies. Take say I'm happy with my work. Bangladesh Model Takes Mirza wants to study with her performance. Today is a very popular actress in Bangladesh. Take Mirza says nothing about their marriage. Take Mirza is a very popular actor of Bangladesh Sakib Khan acting for anyone. Toma says Mirza film industry is a very attractive place and the people are very important. Take Mirza has no time for love. Want to be a good celebrity in Bangladesh.

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